I wanted to share one of my favorite writings on eternal life by William Jennings Bryan

“To every created thing God has given a tongue that proclaims a resurrection. If the Father deigns to touch with Divine power the cold pulseless heart of a buried acorn and made it burst forth from it’s prison walls, will He leave neglected in the earth the soul of man made in the image of his Creator? If He stoops to give the rose bush, whose withered blossoms float upon the autumn breeze the sweet assurance of another springtime, will He refuge the word of hope to the sons of men when the frost of another winter comes? If matter, mute and inanimate, though changed by the force of nature into a multitude of forms,can never die, will the spirit of man suffer annihilation when it has paid a brief visit, like a royal guest, to the tenement of clay? No, I am as sure that there is another life as I am that I live today. In Cairo, I secured a few grains of wheat that had slumbered for more than  three thousand years in an Egyptian tomb. As I looked at them, this thought came into my mind:If one of these grains had been planted on the banks of the Nile the year after it grew and all the lineal descendants planted and replanted from that time until now, it’s progeny would today be sufficiently numerous to feed the seething millions of the world.

A grain of wheat has the power to discard it’s body and from the earth and air fashion a new body so much like the old one that we cannot tell one from the other. If this invisible germ of life in the grain of wheat can thus pass unimpaired through three thousand resurrections I shall not doubt that my soul has the power to clothe itself with a new body, suited to it’s new assistance, when this earthly frame has crumbled into dust.”