Lady in the Hood Book

left_imgLady In The Hood is the true story of one woman’s journey from the privileged life of a New York debutante to the establishment of an inner-city mission in a drug and gang infested East Dallas neighborhood.

Born into a family of wealth and social prominence, Dorothy Moore was raised with all the trappings of the East Coast elite: a nanny, private schools and European vacations.

Dorothy eventually found a dynamic personal relationship with Christ that forever transformed her “elite” attitudes into those of a true servant, and led to the establishment of a ministry that has impacted hundreds of lives.

See how one “lady” obeyed Christ, crossing social, economic, racial and gender barriers to reach out to “the hood”—a once forgotten corner of urban blight that is now touched by the hope of transformation that comes from a great God!



“Dorothy Moore is a dramatic extension of what happens when a person with a ‘good heart,’ sharp mind and track record of achievement yields to an even greater ‘heart’! Her story speaks of the possibilities and potential in any environment when the ‘well-heeled’ give themselves to see others well-healed.”
Jack W. Hayford
President, The Foursquare Church

“No finer example will any reader find than this account of Dorothy Moore’s personal story. You will be recommending it to your family and friends.”
Freda Lindsay
Cofounder, Chairman of the Board Emeritus
Christ For The Nations, Inc. Dallas, Texas

“Because of Dorothy, hundreds of homeless people in Dallas have a roof over their heads, a meal on the table, and the love of a caring neighbor in their hearts. She has mastered the skill of nourishing both body and soul with her understanding and dedication.”
Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison
From presentation at US Senate
“Unsung Heroines Award Recipients”

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